Non-binary people’s identity is something that is yet to be considered common and widely accepted by society. Their fight for visibility has only started. This paper focuses on how non-binary people experience their gender or lack of it. From seeing how LGBTQIA+ people are being treated in their societies to the decision to come out or not, the interviewees had a lot to share. Furthermore, it researches how friends inspire more trust to them than their own families do. Hopefully, by the end of this study readers will be aware of how non-binary people experience their gender, as well as the struggles and discrimination these people face and perhaps how some of them are empowered by society and urged to accept themselves.
Features image by Alison Czinkota.
Clio Asteri
Clio is a Political Science and History student that takes an interest in Gender Studies. She decided to take this course as an opportunity to learn more about global history and to finally put the theory she has been taught into practice.
Clio Asteri

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