Project's featured image is taken from the following website: Publishing date, 11/08/2016 The first image (a map of Greek Western Macedonia) is featured on Wikipedia, The second picture is featured on the Maxmag website, Pictures 3,4 and 5 are featured on the Guardian website,
Eleftheria Gkeka
Eleftheria is a senior at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, where she is majoring in International, European and Area Studies with a concentration in International Affairs. Her interest in global history began during the fall semester of 2021, when she attended the Princeton course "Global History since 1300" and had the oppourtunity to learn about historical trends and comprehend the importance of the notion of interdependence in our world. Eleftheria interned at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Greece and she is a trainee researcher at the Institute of International Relations, where she conducts analyses of current events. She aspires to pursue a career in International Organizations and her immediate plan is to volunteer abroad. When she is not busy reading about international and European affairs, she enjoys writing poetry and playing tennis.
Eleftheria Gkeka

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