In this thought-provoking interview video titled; Kyrgyz Cinematography, we delve into the world of Kyrgyzstan`s film industry, where three passionate individuals, Kanybek Aldiyar, Baiastan Akimbekov, and Aisuluu Akmatalieva, share with us their insights and experiences. As specialists in cinema, they span from beginner to advanced levels, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by filmmakers in the Central Asian nation. The interview begins with each participant sharing their personal journey and the intricacies involved in preparing for film production. From the inception of an idea to the execution of a project, they shed light on the various stages of filmmaking and how these processes generally unfold in Kyrgyzstan. It becomes apparent that the path to creating captivating cinema in the country is not without obstacles.

One significant issue that looms over the Kyrgyz film industry is the lack of financial support from the government. The interviewees reveal that Kyrgyzstan fails to invest adequately in its cinematic ventures, leaving filmmakers with no choice but to seek funding from private entrepreneurs. However, this reliance on private investments often results in a compromise
on the quality of projects, ultimately disappointing both filmmakers and audiences alike. The interviewees also discuss the lasting impact of the Soviet era on Kyrgyz cinema. They reminisce about a time when the USSR generously financed film festivals and productions, nurturing the local film industry with state support. Yet, they also acknowledge the darker side of this period when films predominantly emphasized Russian culture and values, marginalizing indigenous Kyrgyz perspectives. Despite the positive aspects of state backing, it is evident that the filmmakers yearn for a more inclusive and culturally authentic approach to film production in the present day.

As the conversation unfolds, the participants lament the lack of growth and development within the Kyrgyz film industry. They express concerns about stagnation, where ideas, talents, and resources remain constrained to a singular space, stifling innovation and creativity. Subsequently, the residents of Kyrgyzstan show little interest in locally produced films, partly due to a perceived decline in quality and an overwhelming number of intrusive advertising integrations. The interviewees` observations regarding the current state of Kyrgyz cinema paint a vivid picture of an industry grappling with various challenges. Their voices unite in advocating for change and exploring ways to revitalize the nation`s cinematic
landscape. Through this interview, we gain valuable insights into the intricate dynamics of the Kyrgyzstan film industry and the aspirations of its dedicated specialists to create a vibrant and culturally rich cinematic experience for their audience.

The upcoming sections of the interview will delve into the root causes of the funding crisis in
Kyrgyz cinematography and how it affects film production quality. Furthermore, the participant’s reflections on the USSR’s influence on Kyrgyz filmmaking and the potential paths toward a brighter future, fostering a more diverse, inclusive, and thriving cinematic culture in Kyrgyzstan, will be explored. This journey will be guided by Kanybek Aldiyar, Baiastan Akimbekova, and Aisuluu Akmatalieva as they unveil the hidden facets of Kyrgyz cinematography.

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