The topic I am interested in is “Golden music” – music of Vietnam during 1954-1975, as well as the behind-the-scenes of it. I want to have a deeper dive into not just the musical products of the time but also the production process: the composers, the singers, the music makers in the studio, the recording labels, etc. The “showbiz” represents a part of a people’s culture, in the past and even now. The songs that were written during the Golden Age were direct responses and consequences of the circumstances and elements of that time, whether it be war, love, separation, loss, yearning or reunion. In addition, it gives a lot of insight into a different time of the past and studying the behaviour of the inner workings of this industry in the past may help make sense of one in the present. This research seeks to investigate the Vietnamese entertainment industry’s origins and history, as well as understand the role of music in 1954-1975 Vietnam.

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