The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in 2012 under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu openly declared their intentions to restore the defunct Biafra by means of secession. The movement alongside several uprisings have made national integration a hard feat to achieve. These challenges can be traced back to the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates in 1914, that led to creation of Nigeria. The unsolicited amalgamation of the different regions by the colonial administration would create a host of problems in the coming., years, that would create the need for national integration. The events leading to the civil war in 1967 and the war itself which was a secession attempt by the Igbos of eastern Nigeria under the name Biafra, further frustrated the nation's attempt towards unity. This paper examines the rise of IPOB, its activities from 2012 to 2022 and how these activities have impeded national integration in Nigeria.
Tochukwu Faith Onichabor
University of Ibadan

6 Replies to “The Indigenous People Of Biafra: A Noble Cause Gone South?”

  1. A beautifully written and engrossing piece! I appreciate how the movement and its effects were broken down and explained, from its inception to revival, and ultimately, its spiral out of control.
    Your research is well-appreciated.

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