My project is about how a church in Rome, Italy (ICF Rome) had to find their way through the covid pandemic despite the challenges.

What role does the church play in your life?

Well, I can say that my church is also part of my family…It is a place where I get my oxygen.
Church helps me to build my faith regularly.
The church brings me to a place where I get to do life with fellow believers like myself.

When churches were asked to open, how did ICF Rome go about it?

We followed the protocols…Also, there were registrations to know who will be here and who sat where.

How was it for you when you were asked to stay home?

It was a time to see better without activities…I saw my heart and I saw, how that my spiritual growth was quite independent of religious activities.

How did you feel when churches were asked to open up?

Honestly, I was a bit concerned when things opened up… you never know who has what…I was indeed sceptical.
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Nana Araba Acheampomaa
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Nana Araba Acheampomaa

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