The Parthenon Project (1)[ESSAY_PDF]

The marble´s situation is by no means unique. Many countries such as Egypt or Benin are constantly demanding for their heritage objects to be brought back. Yet the UK does not honor their demands. They even seem to be doubling down on their misdeeds and refusing to acknowledge the damage and suffering that they have caused and still inflict as a consequence of their pride. For it can be nothing else, pride in their colonial past and all they gained from it, refusing to give back to those communities they grossly mistreated and from whose pain they benefited from. We can only hope this might change, but as things stand now, it is highly unlikely in the near future.

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The Beginning, how the Parthenon and it’s marbles come to be:
How the marbles ended in the UK:
The Greek petitions of returning the marbles:
Interview I – Architect:
Interview II – Lawyer:
Interview III – English Studies:
Interview IV – Curator and art restoration:

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