This paper intends to fill the gap of tourist perspective on the issue of emergence of tourism and its effect on indigenous lifestyle in Chittagong hill tracts, a tourism hotspot of Bangladesh. It is needed to create a bridge between indigenous and tourist perspective for understanding the social aspects of tourism as an economic sector. The stand of both indigenous community and tourists are important to create a social dialogue and sustainable social relations among the communities. The enhancement of tourism is connected with the changing lifestyle of the locals economically, environmentally and culturally. In this case, it is important to take the perspective of the tourists in the matter of indigenous lives as the two communities are interconnected through the link of tourism.
Extremely grateful to my supervisor Niharika Yadav for helping me in every step and Hafiz Shahriar sir for offering the opportunity to participate in GHD. Special gratitude to all my interviewees and mentors for helping me out in this project. I'm grateful to all the faculty members of my beloved deapartment, English and Humanities, Dr. Nahid Kabir for being such an inspiring historian and finally, my friend Saif Mahmood for the constant support in every field of my academics.
Dola Saha
Dola Saha is an English literature major and history minor in her senior year at Brac University. She's currently an editor for the "BRACU Resonance" journal. She has previously worked as a journalist at "Bracu Express" and currently is a contributing author at "The Web Capitals," a UK-based media company. She is currently serving Brac University Community Service Club as a panel member.
Dola Saha

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