The idea of a bridge connecting Sicily and Calabria stretches back millennia and yet, no such project has ever been completed. This documentary discusses the history of the project, from it origins in antiquity up to the current proposals which are dividing public opinion. The author then attempts to asses the social impact and expectations of this, as yet unbuilt bridge, through interviews with both the local population and a number of experts.

The idea of a bridge connecting Sicily to mainland Italy has a long history. Already in 251 BC, according to Pliny the Elder, the Romans built a floating structure to transfer elephants from the island, after defeating the Carthaginians in the first Punic War. The idea resurfaced in the mid-1800s and was considered then discarded multiple times ever since. Over time the bridge gained an aura of myth; a panacea capable of solving Sicily’s economic and social struggles. But as the newly established Italian government plans to revive the project, some fear this is being done only for political aims. Aside from the dangers of building over a highly seismic area, many simply do not see the bridge as economically viable, at least not until existing infrastructure is modernised. Locals also fear the project will turn the area into an enormous work site, destroying their tourist industry. The author attempts to explore the “myth” and its history, as well as understand its social impact and expectations through interviews with the local population. An assessment of technical and economic viability is beyond the scope of this research, however experts with opposing views are interviewed to demonstrate the opinions the public is routinely exposed to.

Gabriele Raciti
Gabriele Raciti

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  1. Thank you Gabriele for this thoughtful and interesting documentary! I really appreciated the way you addressed the topic, looking at the lives of the people and at all different perspectives. It is a topic very close to me, so I am also happy you were able to bring it to the wider public in such a beautiful way.

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