Democracy according to Abraham Lincoln is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Democratic rule in Nigeria came to bear holistically in 1999 since her independence from the erstwhile British colonial government on October 1st 1960. By definition, democracy is purported to harness a diversified country like Nigeria, however, in practice, it is against the general knowledge. Hence, the reason behind the various agitations in Nigeria despite its democratic system of government. Agitations of any form usually rides on popular narrative. Therefore, the research topic has been designed to focus its attention on the various agitating groups in Nigeria despite her return to democracy in 1999 after about three decades of military rule. In this paper, I have itemized and identified these agitating groups, the cause of their agitations, the mode or methods in which their grievances are being conveyed, the different waves of these agitations and the responses from the government to the various groups.
Simon Nwanike
University of Ibadan

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  1. This is an amazing article…pls how can I refrence this, as I am currently working on a project topic: POST CIVIL WAR AND IPOB SEPARATIST MOVEMENT IN NIGERIA

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