Despite the geographical distance, Afghanistan and Italy have always been deeply interlinked. An ancient history that begins with the Silk Road and reaches the dramatic events of our day.

The idea for my project came to me thanks to the huge window that opened in my life when it comes to Afghanistan.

After 15 August 2021, when the Taliban fighters entered the capital Kabul, I was catapulted into an operation of evacuation of Afghan students who were stranded in the country. That gave me the huge opportunity of getting to know a very fascinating yet problematic country.

The greatest realization after this work is how greatly diverse the Afghan population is, not only when it comes to the multitude of ethnicities, languages and religious identities that exist in the country; but especially for the different narratives and opinions related to the most burning issues that the country is living under.

What does the Afghan population think about the role of their government? Can the population also be blamed for what is happening?


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